Bag Filters

Dust Collector Filter Bags

Action Filtration, Inc. manufactures a full line of replacement filter bags to match or exceed OEM requirements. We offer custom design and technical assistance to recommend a fabric to best handle your companies application requirements. We offer a wide range of construction options including Lap Seaming, Snap Band Manufacturing and High Speed Tubing Line. We will cross manufacture most any Filter Bag, Envelope, or Cabinet Assembly. We also offer many replacement filters that other manufacturers walk away from.

We offer the following types of Dust Collector Bags:

  • Shaker and Reverse Air Bags
  • Pulse Jet BagsFilterbag
  • Envelopes and Custom Bags


If there is a media (Needled or Woven) available on the market, we can provide it.


Should you have any questions about any of our Dust Collection Filters, please feel free to contact us at (812) 546-6262 (8am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday)

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